Etheridge Automation is Process Automation

We have an automation package that fits your needs and your budget

We tailor our system to your specifications. Whether you want to Automate your entire plant, or want to optimize a single crushing circuit, we have the product that fits you.

Etheridge Automation is the industry leader in both large and small systems.

Etheridge Software ScalesTM are a revolutionary, new alternative to unreliable belt scales. They consistantly and accurately give the tonnage while requiring no maintenance even in the harsh quarry environment. for more information, visit our Software Scales page.

The Etheridge Maximizer ProbeTM is a robust, rugged and reliable contact type sensor, specifically designed for the crushing application. This sensor is ideal for level detection in crushers, bins, piles and chutes.

Software Speed SwitchesTM were designed to provide accurate information on conveyor performance. In an automation system, it is critical to know if the conveyor belts are slipping. Physical switches have a host of maintenance and reliability issues. The software speed switch has solved these challenges.

The Quarry Information Management System (QIMS)TM is our unique, customized human machine interface (HMI) that brings you the best graphics and data tracking in the industry.

The Etheridge Interlocking SystemTM utilizes a user friendly and fully customizable interface to ensure maximum safety and minimum downtime.

Sequential Start/Stops allow the operator to start and stop motorized equipment in specific order at the push of a button.

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