Etheridge Automation is Process Automation

The Industry Leader In Aggregate Automation

Etheridge Automation is the best aggregate automation system on the market today. We offer an unmatched performance guarantee with a combination of cutting edge equipment, graphics, and expertise.

Guaranteed 10% Production increase

No other system can match our return on investment. Our automation systems increase tons per hour, lower downtime, and lower cost per ton. You will begin to see these returns immediately.

Systems installed at existing plants average a 20-30% increase

No plant is ever “too old” to automate. The older a plant is and the more difficult it is to run manually, the more automation will benefit you.

Members of NSSGA

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Etheridge Automation - The Industry Leader in Aggregate Automation - 10% production increase is guaranteed!

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Etheridge Software Scales - Our revolutionary scales are installed in the motor starter of the conveyor, with no electrical components outside of the MCC and no moving parts whatsoever!

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Etheridge Automation improves remote support and IoT with TOSIBOX...Prompt troubleshooting no matter the distance!

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Etheridge Automation Is Featured In Operations Illustrated

In memory of Gene Etheridge (1947-2009) Founder of Etheridge Automation

Lance Corporal Christopher Steele Meis (1991-2011) who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country

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