Etheridge Total Reporting

Enjoy real time access and analysis for your plant with our Etheridge Total Reporting.  Featuring a fully customized dashboard tracking tonnage, amperage, electrical efficiency and more.  You will know exactly how your plant performed each and every day, allowing you to make more informed management decisions.


Track your tonnages across multiple belts and multiple locations.  Know exactly how much of each product you made, both in real time and with historical logging.


Track the production and health of your crusher everyday.  Now you can know how efficiently your plants are crushing.


Know exactly which equipment limited your plant production and for how long.  With Etheridge Total Reporting, you can know exactly where to invest your time and money to maximize your profit.


Track your power usage through the day, month and year.  Etheridge Total Reporting will give you the information you need to minimize your Kilowatts per ton and maximize profits.

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