Plug-in Automation™ ~ Software Speed Switches™ ~ Quarry information Management system (QIMS)™

Plug-in Automation™, the industry standard for aggregate automation, combines Etheridge Maximizer™ feed control with our Quarry Information Management System™ for maximum production, control and efficiency. We focus on the aggregate industry to provide maximum performance and reliability.  Plug-in Automation™ systems will fit any plant, regardless of age, size or complexity.  All onsite calibration and training is included and

a 10% production increase is guaranteed.

Our team services the largest aggregate producers with superior flexibility and value – all while maintaining a safe work culture.  

Why Automate with etheridge?

We are experts in crushing efficiency with over 100 years of combined industry experience and have developed innovative control schemes to handle the challenges with quarry automation.

Our focus is increased production and our Etheridge Maximizer™ crushing circuit logic is proven over decades to handle feed variations while continuously pushing the most amount of product through the system.

We have developed innovative solutions to quarry automation problems, such as, Software Speed Switches™ and the Maximizer Probe™ for level measurement and system leasing options.

We have products to fit all sizes of aggregate plants and all budgets.

We are committed to successful implementations as evidenced by our 10% production increase guarantees.

We offer annual maintenance contracts and can assist with troubleshooting from our office via the internet.

FAQ - Etheridge Plug-In Automation™

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

We are very confident in our product and process, however we are very careful to only quote systems where we can guarantee at least a 10% production increase.  There are some plants that have mechanical bottlenecks that automation can’t alleviate, in these instances, we inform the customer that we cannot provide a quote until the mechanical conditions are changed.

We get this question a lot, you may be surprised to learn that not only are most of our jobs retrofit, but we actually prefer them.  Many times the more difficult a plant is to run manually, the greater the benefits of a well calibrated automation system.  Another nice benefit with a retrofit project is it is much easier to measure the tonnage gains thanks to our automation system.

Our goal with every project is simple: zero downtime due to our install.  We work around our customers’ run schedule and take advantage of scheduled maintenance days to help us towards this goal.  Sometimes downtime is necessary for testing, but we work with our customers to keep it as minimal as possible.

Belt slip at aggregate plants is a real issue, as traditional electrical interlocking doesn’t catch when the motor is on but the belt isn’t moving.  The industry standard solution is a mechanical speed wheel, which has it’s own set of issues with reliability.  Back in 1998, we invented a way to detect belt slip with no moving parts and nothing on the belt by monitoring the behavior of the electrical motor.  We have successfully calibrated thousands of our Software Speed Switches over the past twenty years.

Training is included with all of our automation systems.

Absolutely, we offer remote and phone access as an option for all our systems.

FAQ - Etheridge Software Scales™

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Model 4.3 is available for up to 2 scales, Model 5.0 is available for up to 8 scales.

Model 5.0 has a larger touchscreen (7″ as opposed to 4.3″) and has additional features that are not available with Model 4.3, such as automated text and email reporting.

Yes, the scale can be used on an automated stacker.  Any stacker that moves up and down will need an additional component to monitor the changing angle.

Yes, inconsistent loads do not bother the scale.

Flat belts are not a good application for the scale.

Yes, this is an option and just requires an additional sensor.

VFDs are not recommended, although scales have been successfully installed on VFDs that maintain a constant 60 Hz.

Typically a scale can be installed in about 1 hour.

There are several ways to calibrate the scale.  A known load may be run across the conveyor and compared with the tons accumulated by the scale, belt cuts can be done (with consistent feed) and compared to the TPH reading on the scale, or the conveyor can be discharged into a truck or loader bucket and the tons compared.

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